Wedding Dress Ensemble

When you are deciding on the attire for your big day there are a lot of aspects that come into consideration. The Wedding Dress, Veil, head pieces, shoes, undergarments, jewelry and the list goes on and on. These decisions are important, because after all you will only get to make this choice one (hopefully).

1. Mermaid/Trumpet Wedding Dresses
This looks best on hour glass figures or rectangular figures, this will accentuate curvy figures and is meant more for the fit, yet curvy female.
2. A-Line Wedding Dresses
This will flatter most shapes and it helps to balance out top heavy shapes with a little bit of a tummy. Bride-to-be’s with an Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Pear or House Glass will all benefit from this flattering style.
3. Empire Wedding Dresses
This dress has a high waistline and the seam is usually right beneath the bust depending on the size of the wearers bust and falls gracefully to the floor. This style also flatters the Inverted Triangle, Apple, Pear, and Hour Glass body shapes and is great for small brides with a small bust size and pregnant brides for the comfort factor.
4. Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses
This dress usually “hugs” onto the wearer’s body and works best for slimmer brides, confidence is key with the bridal style. The Rectangle body shapes will be complimented the most by these dresses but a slim hour glass shape can look good as well.
5. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses
This is the Cinderella or Fairytale style that usually has some type of fitted bodice, flare from the hips and lots of poof! This dress is perfect for Pear shapes, but also looks good on the Hour Glass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Apple figures.
5ball gown
6. Veils
There are so many different types of veils out there it can become overwhelming. There are Blushers, Short, Mid-Length, Cathedral, Communion and the list goes on and on! Make sure you do not buy the veil before you buy the wedding dress though because you want a good fit! Get your veil to match your wedding dress, not the other way around!
6 veils
7. Tiaras
So you want to be a princess on your special day, well who doesn’t? Tiaras are a very popular choice and alternative to the tradition wedding veil style. They can range in price from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the materials used such as rhinestones, crystals, pearls, metal, crystal accents, beads, design, and more.
8. Pins, Combs, Flowers
Personally I love the look of a wedding hair with a comb in it; it add such a touch of grace and elegance to any hair style, not to mention it can be used with or without a wedding veil. Up-dos with a flower on one side have also become incredibly popular. These ideas can use crystals, pearls, organza flowers, metallic leaves, sequin petals, pearl sprays, feathers, lace, various embellishments, rhinestones, and more.
9. Headbands
A lot of women are moving away from the traditional wedding veils and want something “more them”, so if a big poofy veil is not your thing, don’t do it! There are so many different styles of wedding bands to add some razzle dazzle to your wedding hair in various styles using garland, fabric flowers, pearls, crystals, feathers, metal, rhinestones, ribbon, and more.
9 headbands
10. Jewelry
Depending on the type of dress you have the wedding jewelry you buy will vary. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair jewelry can feature crystals, pearls, flower designs, rhinestones, diamonds, and more. Do you want chandelier earrings, dangle, hoops or just studs? Do you want a chocker, elaborate cascading necklace, pearl strands, v-shapes, or crystal drop necklaces? There are so many options so make sure to try on your jewelry with your dress so it all flows well together!
11. Garter
You can’t have a wedding without the garter, but with so many choices it can be really difficult just picking one! You can use your wedding colors, add trinkets to match themes like shells, feathers, glass slippers, military, there can be sequins, ruffles, bows, charms and various prints.
11 garter
12. Wedding Day Lingerie
You have to wear something under your wedding dress… or at least you should. So a cute new lace bra or panties, maybe a corset for under the wedding dress or you can always change when you get to your Honeymoon destination. I personally think having your husband slip you out of your wedding dress the first night is all you need! 😉
13. Shoes
Okay so here it goes, you can wear platforms, pumps, sandals, flip flips, wedges, Mary Jane’s, sling backs, ballerina flats, cowboy boots, converse, and more. The shoes can be sparkly, basic, colorful, have rhinestones, flowers, and various designs all over them. The point is to make sure of 3 things: 1. You can walk & dance in them! 2. You don’t go over your budget 3. They are fabulous!