Wedding Cake- So Much Yummy Goodness!

My fiancés favorite part of helping me plan the wedding has been the cake tasting, naturally. We went to our first place several months ago and I was disappointed right from the beginning. Maybe I am a little harsh, but first impressions are lasting for me and it is hard for me to get past them. Needless to say we are not using this company, but I will share my experience anyway. We walked into the building and there was a small desk with chairs and fake cake designs all around, and a huge wall that separated the kitchen with no one in sight. We were 5 minutes early for the appointment and all we heard was the radio blasting in the kitchen. We weren’t sure if we should walk back or just wait, but figured since we had an appointment and they knew we were coming that somebody would hopefully come back. Wrong! We were in there waiting for 15 minutes when finally a woman comes in through the back door, 10 minutes late for our appointment with huge startled eyes and screams, yes screams to the people in the kitchen, “someone’s here, turn it down!” She walks towards us apologizing that she was late because of a prior customer having a lot of questions (hello, inappropriate to bad mouth a future bride in front of another future bride)! Then she asks what we want to do and brings out a sample of basic cakes and basically asks for a down payment. Ha, so I shook her hand, said we would be in touch and left. I decided to not worry about the cake for a while and a few months later I went to another cake place and had a very different experience. One of my friends used this place for their wedding cake and another friend for her kid’s birthday cakes, so I knew they had delicious and beautifully designed cakes already. They are much more laid back in their appointments and anyone that works there can help you design your fantasy cake because they are all bakers! We tried some of the most delicious cakes and fillings imaginable and after practically licking the plate clean, signed the paper work and left! We don’t even need to put a down payment down until a week before the wedding and for what I want the price was fantastic! We are getting a three layered, square style cake, with words written on one side, damask/swirly designs on the other sides, and delivered for less than $400!! Oh and did I mention each layer is a different flavor and filling! The top layer is going to be Red Velvet Cake with Whipped Cream Filling, the middle layer is White Cake with Raspberry Mousse Filling, and the bottom layer is Chocolate Cake with Oreo Mousse Filling! It is going to be orgasmically delicious! Below is a picture of my cake, except it will be in all white instead of cream colored and the lettering and design will be in black.