Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride, all dressed in white… or ivory, off white, cream or maybe even some bold color like red. Wedding dresses sure have changed over the decades, just like anything else, time changes all. Finding the perfect dress can either be incredibly easy or incredibly stressful, so which one do you think I went through? Yup, you guessed it… stressful. I set up my appointment at Davids Bridal and the consultant I was given kept giving me sizes that were too small or too big, never my actual size no matter how many times I told her! Then I would say I don’t think lace looks good on me, so naturally the next dress she tried to fit me in was ALL lace. Having a bridal consultant who doesn’t listen is incredibly irritating and ruins one of the happiest moments in wedding planning! Not to mention she also has two other brides she was helping along with me and there were several employees just standing around! So I left and made a new appointment for two months later. This time we arrived 15 minutes before the appointment and had to wait 45 minutes to even get a dressing room! Why do I have such terrible luck??? Finally after having to be a minor Bridezilla I got in and had a very helpful, nice and useful consultant. She found some beautiful dresses in my size and I fell in love with them all! However my choice ended up being the dress my mom wanted me to try on just for fun so she could see me in it! I won’t say what it looks like, because I suspect my fiance reads this ;), but trust me… it is everything I hoped it would be. ❤


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