RSVP’s = Death

Wedding RSVP’s will be the death of me. With that being said, let me start from the beginning. Before we even started getting the guest list and invitations together, we knew we were going to have some problems getting people to return their RSVP’s… more specifically, his family. My fiancés family does not do RSVP’s, they just show up or expect people to realize that they are going. However, when you need exact numbers to give to a reception hall, it really isn’t fun dealing with these types of mindsets. Reluctantly, I tried to ignore it and we made our guest list, determined how many RSVP’s we would need and sent them out along with the invitations. Within the first week we had two back, which I was thrilled about! Naturally, they were both from my side of the guest list and then over the next three weeks we received nothing, absolutely nothing. I started doing some research and found out a lot of people have problems with RSVP’s, who knew? This is my mindset, if someone sends a RSVP, they clearly want you to respond and send it in promptly, not months later or never. I even went as far to put a stamp and a return address label on mine to make them as simple as possible, however, that obviously didn’t do the trick. The most common reason I found for why it takes so long to get responses back was because people think they are supposed to send them in on the date that it says, “Respond by 00/00/0000”. Which obviously only requires someone to read it and do a little thinking until they come to the conclusion that no, that means it should arrive to the people by that date, not after. Anyway, my fiancé and I decided to send out little friendly email reminders to friends and family about sending them in early and the day after we got two more responses, then the next day we go two more! So things are looking up and hopefully the RSVP’s will continue to come in sooner rather than later. Especially since they are all due in less than 3 weeks and currently we only have 22 people coming to our wedding. So, if you are your loved one are having these issues than trust me you are not alone and this is one of the biggest stressors you’ll have to deal with!  Just take a few deep breaths and if it makes you feel better send out little reminders, or casually bring it up in conversation when you are asked about the wedding. Most of the time people just forget that they are supposed to return them, so try not to get too upset or take it too personally.

Tip: Number your RSVP’s or put initials on them, because one of the biggest complaints I found from other brides was people turning in their RSVP’s without names! OMG how horrible and stressful that must be! Hello, there is a M__________________ for a reason!


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