Shake Your Groove Thing!

Whenever I go to weddings I always pay attention to the music; is it all slow songs, all fast paced, are people dancing or simply nodding their head and tapping their feet? It all varies; every wedding I have been to has been different. The thing that always worried me the most about my big day was wondering if people would dance at my wedding. There is nothing worse than a room full of people sitting down while the music is playing or only having a small hand full of people dancing in the center of a huge dance floor. I think a big part of getting people involved and having a good time is (1) choice in DJ (2) music selection. This is the part of the Wedding I delegated to my fiancé, so he did some research and sent out emails to see who was interested and who was available for our date. He ended up finding a DJ with a great reputation and was getting ready to set up an appointment. One day I went to David’s Bridal and poof there he was! Apparently the DJ goes to David’s Bridal for advertisements purposes several times a year and offers special that include a package with $500+ discount! Needless to say we jumped at the opportunity to have him be our DJ at the Wedding. He even gave us these papers to insert with our invitations that give the guests of our wedding an opportunity to request 3 of their favorite songs to be chosen at the wedding! I am beyond excited for my big day and know the music selection will be prefect! ❤


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