To register or not to register

Lets be honest, when it comes to getting married there is always a certain expectation of receiving gifts from your guests. It has become a major societal norm to anticipate the gifts, cards, cash and various gifts cards. Need proof? 2 words: Wedding Registry! A lot of questions I got after announcing my engagement were: Where are you registered? Now where you choose to register is another important aspect of getting married. There are several factors that go into your choices on where to register: (1) Do you actually shop there? (2) Do you like the store? (3) Are you choosing this place based on your decision or other peoples influences? There are many choices of where to register and the most popular places are: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Target, Macys, Walmart, Bloomingdale’s, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, etc. My recommendation is to choose at least two places, one a little more high end then the other to give all the guests of your wedding a chance to buy what they can afford. I chose Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target as the two places to register for. I chose Bed, Bath & Beyond for several reasons, (1) one-stop-shop for all areas of the house (2) I love the store & already shop there (3) 10% completion discount on items you registered for but didn’t receive (4) eligible for free gifts when guests purchase qualifying items. I highly recommend going to Bed, Bath & Beyond first because of the knowledgeable employees. The employee who helps you register literally walks you through every room and goes over every square inch of it. Everything you could ever possibly know or want to know is explained in great detail! My fiancé and I were there for at least 4 hours! It was wonderful and we learned so much about what we want for our new home. They also give you inserts to put in with your wedding invitations and sync everything online. We registered for about 125 items, in all different price ranges from $2.99-$299.00. The next place we chose to register was at Target, (1) reasonable prices and (2) love the store & shop there already. At Target the wedding registry was completely different, you start at a kiosk entering personal information, then you go to a clerk and get a scanner and they send you on your way. No one helps you at Target, they just leave it up to you, which is why I recommend going to Bed, Bath & Beyond first to learn the basics and figure out what you want first. We only registered for about 25 things there; a lot were similar to what we already registered for and similar in the price ranges as Bed, Bath & Beyond. Target also gives little inserts to put in your wedding invitations and sync everything online. Registering for your wedding gifts is supposed to be fun, so enjoy it and try not too get overwhelmed. ❤


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