Wedding Invitations the right way!

Lets face it, Wedding Invitations can be a nightmare! They are a representation of your love for one another and something you can treasure for the rest of your lives. One day your little girl will find your wedding invitations and start to dream of her own. The invitations are a big deal and therefore can be a lot of money! Notice how I said CAN BE! Now if you’re anything like me you shop around for prices. My Papa always told me the best rule of thumb was three different places/prices to make sure you were getting the best bang for your buck! So this bargain shopper got to work and started acquiring prices and what I could get for those prices and naturally for what I wanted I was ranging between $150-$200, which in my opinion is just ridiculous! Then, I found the Holy Grail also known as Vista Print! Before you stop reading I urge you to clear your mind, get rid of any preconceived notions and be as open minded as possible. I ordered their FREE, let me repeat, FREE Wedding Stationary Samples, which came with several different styles of paper with different stocks, sizes and materials. I was blown away with the different varieties and accompanying prices, they were wonderful! So, I chose the style I wanted, inserted my own wording and before I knew it I had the Invitations, envelopes, rsvp cards, rvsp return envelops, thank you cards, thank you card envelopes and sticker seals with our names and wedding date for only… *drum roll please*… $112!!! I could have been thrilled and jumped on it, but I noticed that Vista Print always has random sales and I wanted to see if I could possibly get it lower. I kept my shopping cart full for 2 months and kept a close eye out. The prices ranged from the original $112, down to $102, one day I found it at $92 and then I found it up at $125! So when I finally got it back to the $92 I was ready to buy, but I was waiting on a paycheck and was delayed a day and I am so glad I was because the next day when I went to buy my invitations the price had dropped to $58!!! I purchased my order and a few weeks later they arrived in perfect condition and were everything I wanted them to be! I absolutely love my invitations and can’t wait to send them out. The bargain shopper wins again! 🙂 ❤



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