Equal Partnership

So, this past Valentine’s Day my fiancé and I decided to give each other the best gifts we could possibly give each other, we bought our Wedding Bands. After a lot of online research and trying to figure out exactly what we want we had narrowed it down to our top choices (mine are posted on a previous entry). We went down to Zales at the mall and tried on the ones we were considering and after much debate and careful consideration we made our selections!  It was such an overwhelming feeling and we were both so excited that we were one step closer to our forever.  Every decision or purchase we make seems to make this whole journey so much more real. It might sound corny, but I truly am lucky and enjoying every moment of this process. So we got our ring fingers properly sized and I needed mine sized down to a 6.5 which is so weird because I have always been a 7 so I was a little scared at first that I would get the ring and it wouldn’t fit, but it seemed perfect and my love got his sized up to an 11. I also sent my engagement ring in to be sized down as well because it has been becoming more and more loose. We decided to buy one another’s rings, which to us seemed perfectly natural, but the girl at Zales thought was weird. Apparently the male typically buys the Wedding Bands and the Engagement Ring. But why? I understand buying the Engagement ring should be up to my fiancé, but also buying both of our Wedding Bands? I just thought that was kind of ridiculous because I wanted to be a part of this moment too. However, when you think about it, the expectation of what men and women are supposed to do is all around us. Women expect a man to open the door, to pay for dinner, to do this and do that and if the man doesn’t do it then chivalry is dead. Yet so many women want to be treated as equals and don’t want to stand apart from men. If that is the case then why aren’t women expected to be “chivalrous” in their own way? I open the door for men and women, whoever is behind me because that is how I was raised. I pay for my own meals or take turns paying for things, because I think it is rude to assume someone else will pay for me. What is so special about me that I should get special treatment? I think people are so concerned with what they think is appropriate that they tend to forget that everyone was raised differently and might have different opinions and views than them. I chose to buy my fiancés Wedding Band because I want to know that I took part in this moment and that I bought more than a ring, I bought a symbol of my feelings about him. In reverse, when I look down at my Wedding Band I can know that my Husband bought my ring as a symbol of our love as well. I love how we are doing things and I’m glad I have a man who sees me as his equal.  ❤


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