Wedding Colors: Malibu & Regency

When my fiancé and I were choosing wedding colors we went to Home Depot and “borrowed” several handfuls of paint swatches. We went through various elimination rounds until we were basically down to the same color in various shades. So, that attempt clearly did not help and it was on to Plan B. This time I actually spent some money and went to David’s Bridal and bought every single color swatch that was aesthetically pleasing to me. After going through all 18 swatches we again picked the exact same color: Malibu and he clearly was not going to give in, so it was my turn to step up. I ended up deciding on Regency (fancy name for a shade of purple). Thus our wedding colors became peacock colors, which I ended up being really happy with! The process of choosing your wedding colors can be easy or difficult depending on how much input your groom wants to have. At the end we were both very satisfied! ❤


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