Planning like a Pro

I don’t know about you, but when I started to plan my wedding I almost immediately freaked out. After my Fiancé proposed to me, my first thought was to run to the top of the tallest building and scream, “I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!” I did refrain and the next thought was about telling our families. Fear was my next emotion; I knew our families would be excited for us and that they had probably seen this coming, but fear is normal. After all of our families were told and all of our friends were called, we of course had to announce on Facebook. The normal “congratulations” were said, and then the most common question was “when’s the date?” Seriously!? He just proposed! Apparently in those few short hours we were already supposed to have a date, venue, theme and other various aspects picked out. This is where the stress comes to visit and settles in for an extended vacation. However, there is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and my pot of gold is Pinterest. I am sure you all have heard about the women’s version of fantasy football and let me tell you it lives up to all the hype. There are so many ideas, hints, tips, pictures and more to help you plan the most extravagant wedding all the way to the budget friendly wedding. I urge you to give it a chance, are you ready? On your mark… get set… go! ❤


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