Candy Buffet

I went to a Wedding this past summer and they had a candy table, which was a big hit! My fiancé definitely enjoyed the candy more than anything else. So, when it came to discussing ideas for the wedding you better believe a candy table was one of his must haves! So the research began! I found rainbow colored candy tables, wedding color candy tables, non-specific candy tables etc. I like order and organization, so naturally I chose to go with our wedding colors which are Malibu and Regency (turquoise and purple). I searched on Pinterest and found tons of ideas for how to display the candy as well. A lot of people use glass containers, and bowls, but is that safe? We will be having rambunctious children at the wedding and I can just imagine one little bump setting off a domino effect, all the candy flying everywhere and my fiancé and groomsmen leaping to the ground to fight for the candy (children at heart). So I was thinking of finding plastic containers, and maybe checking out a local dollar store. During my search I found a dish set that spells out LOVE and is perfect! It will add some uniqueness and I am really excited to use it! ❤


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