Bridesmaid Dress… do the right thing!

I thought picking out my wedding dress was going to be my biggest challenge during my wedding planning, but boy was I wrong! So far the hardest thing was picking out the bridesmaid dresses. Yup, I’m one of those females that actually want all of my bridesmaids to look and feel good on my special day. I have a Maid of Honor and 2 Bridesmaids and all three of them have completely different body types. My Maid of Honor is short and thin, Bridesmaid #1 is medium height and thin, and Bridesmaid #2 is tall and curvy. I started my search online at and found a long chiffon dress with beading around the chest that was gorgeous! So I went in with my MOH and she loved the dress and looked great in it! I then took the other two and I was so happy that all of my girls looked beautiful and were all happy with the selection. The flowy dress really is flattering on all body types! It was kind of sad though, I was in DB and there was a fellow bride having her bridal party try on dresses; two girls were skinny and could wear a paper bag and look good, while the third girl was larger. The bride was having them try on short, skin tight dresses and didn’t care that the larger girl was clearly uncomfortable. I couldn’t understand this at all! This is your “friend” and you want her to feel uncomfortable and be in hundreds of pictures looking awkward? If a woman feels beautiful she will have a glow about her and that glow will show in all of the pictures taken that day. Don’t be one of those brides that doesn’t consider all of the women in her bridal party. These women have chosen to stand by your side during one of the most important days of your life, the least you can do is be a good friend back. ❤
celeb16_com-regency-long-sheer-chiffon-dress-with-beaded-neckline-style-(g148)-31 6661377651_aa25d1156f_m


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