Equal Partnership

So, this past Valentine’s Day my fiancé and I decided to give each other the best gifts we could possibly give each other, we bought our Wedding Bands. After a lot of online research and trying to figure out exactly what we want we had narrowed it down to our top choices (mine are posted on a previous entry). We went down to Zales at the mall and tried on the ones we were considering and after much debate and careful consideration we made our selections!  It was such an overwhelming feeling and we were both so excited that we were one step closer to our forever.  Every decision or purchase we make seems to make this whole journey so much more real. It might sound corny, but I truly am lucky and enjoying every moment of this process. So we got our ring fingers properly sized and I needed mine sized down to a 6.5 which is so weird because I have always been a 7 so I was a little scared at first that I would get the ring and it wouldn’t fit, but it seemed perfect and my love got his sized up to an 11. I also sent my engagement ring in to be sized down as well because it has been becoming more and more loose. We decided to buy one another’s rings, which to us seemed perfectly natural, but the girl at Zales thought was weird. Apparently the male typically buys the Wedding Bands and the Engagement Ring. But why? I understand buying the Engagement ring should be up to my fiancé, but also buying both of our Wedding Bands? I just thought that was kind of ridiculous because I wanted to be a part of this moment too. However, when you think about it, the expectation of what men and women are supposed to do is all around us. Women expect a man to open the door, to pay for dinner, to do this and do that and if the man doesn’t do it then chivalry is dead. Yet so many women want to be treated as equals and don’t want to stand apart from men. If that is the case then why aren’t women expected to be “chivalrous” in their own way? I open the door for men and women, whoever is behind me because that is how I was raised. I pay for my own meals or take turns paying for things, because I think it is rude to assume someone else will pay for me. What is so special about me that I should get special treatment? I think people are so concerned with what they think is appropriate that they tend to forget that everyone was raised differently and might have different opinions and views than them. I chose to buy my fiancés Wedding Band because I want to know that I took part in this moment and that I bought more than a ring, I bought a symbol of my feelings about him. In reverse, when I look down at my Wedding Band I can know that my Husband bought my ring as a symbol of our love as well. I love how we are doing things and I’m glad I have a man who sees me as his equal.  ❤


Wedding Invitations the right way!

Lets face it, Wedding Invitations can be a nightmare! They are a representation of your love for one another and something you can treasure for the rest of your lives. One day your little girl will find your wedding invitations and start to dream of her own. The invitations are a big deal and therefore can be a lot of money! Notice how I said CAN BE! Now if you’re anything like me you shop around for prices. My Papa always told me the best rule of thumb was three different places/prices to make sure you were getting the best bang for your buck! So this bargain shopper got to work and started acquiring prices and what I could get for those prices and naturally for what I wanted I was ranging between $150-$200, which in my opinion is just ridiculous! Then, I found the Holy Grail also known as Vista Print! Before you stop reading I urge you to clear your mind, get rid of any preconceived notions and be as open minded as possible. I ordered their FREE, let me repeat, FREE Wedding Stationary Samples, which came with several different styles of paper with different stocks, sizes and materials. I was blown away with the different varieties and accompanying prices, they were wonderful! So, I chose the style I wanted, inserted my own wording and before I knew it I had the Invitations, envelopes, rsvp cards, rvsp return envelops, thank you cards, thank you card envelopes and sticker seals with our names and wedding date for only… *drum roll please*… $112!!! I could have been thrilled and jumped on it, but I noticed that Vista Print always has random sales and I wanted to see if I could possibly get it lower. I kept my shopping cart full for 2 months and kept a close eye out. The prices ranged from the original $112, down to $102, one day I found it at $92 and then I found it up at $125! So when I finally got it back to the $92 I was ready to buy, but I was waiting on a paycheck and was delayed a day and I am so glad I was because the next day when I went to buy my invitations the price had dropped to $58!!! I purchased my order and a few weeks later they arrived in perfect condition and were everything I wanted them to be! I absolutely love my invitations and can’t wait to send them out. The bargain shopper wins again! 🙂 ❤


Weddings Bands

Choosing the perfect wedding band, should be simple right? Wrong! When it comes to choosing your wedding bands you can either go with matching bands or each of you can choose whatever you want. I am having two problems, choosing whether or not I want to go inexpensive and classic with a traditional white gold band, or spending a little more money and getting a band with some bling! My engagement ring is delicate and has a three stone setting. So, I would like a wedding band that would mesh well with my engagement ring. At first my fiancé wanted a plain white gold band, however, he saw one with a little bit of bling and suddenly is ready to spend the money. I am trying not to spend over $300 on my wedding band; maybe this amount sounds cheap to some people, but the way I see it is I am not getting married for a ring. My decision to marry my best friend does not need to be reflected in some overpriced gaudy piece of art on my finger. So I have narrowed it down to two different bands for now and want to make a choice within the next month. Making this decision is harder than I thought it would be. To be honest every decision I have to make seems so much more difficult than it needs to be. I just want everything to be perfect ❤
untitledring 1 untitledring 2

Bridesmaid Dress… do the right thing!

I thought picking out my wedding dress was going to be my biggest challenge during my wedding planning, but boy was I wrong! So far the hardest thing was picking out the bridesmaid dresses. Yup, I’m one of those females that actually want all of my bridesmaids to look and feel good on my special day. I have a Maid of Honor and 2 Bridesmaids and all three of them have completely different body types. My Maid of Honor is short and thin, Bridesmaid #1 is medium height and thin, and Bridesmaid #2 is tall and curvy. I started my search online at DavidsBridal.com and found a long chiffon dress with beading around the chest that was gorgeous! So I went in with my MOH and she loved the dress and looked great in it! I then took the other two and I was so happy that all of my girls looked beautiful and were all happy with the selection. The flowy dress really is flattering on all body types! It was kind of sad though, I was in DB and there was a fellow bride having her bridal party try on dresses; two girls were skinny and could wear a paper bag and look good, while the third girl was larger. The bride was having them try on short, skin tight dresses and didn’t care that the larger girl was clearly uncomfortable. I couldn’t understand this at all! This is your “friend” and you want her to feel uncomfortable and be in hundreds of pictures looking awkward? If a woman feels beautiful she will have a glow about her and that glow will show in all of the pictures taken that day. Don’t be one of those brides that doesn’t consider all of the women in her bridal party. These women have chosen to stand by your side during one of the most important days of your life, the least you can do is be a good friend back. ❤
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Wedding Colors: Malibu & Regency

When my fiancé and I were choosing wedding colors we went to Home Depot and “borrowed” several handfuls of paint swatches. We went through various elimination rounds until we were basically down to the same color in various shades. So, that attempt clearly did not help and it was on to Plan B. This time I actually spent some money and went to David’s Bridal and bought every single color swatch that was aesthetically pleasing to me. After going through all 18 swatches we again picked the exact same color: Malibu and he clearly was not going to give in, so it was my turn to step up. I ended up deciding on Regency (fancy name for a shade of purple). Thus our wedding colors became peacock colors, which I ended up being really happy with! The process of choosing your wedding colors can be easy or difficult depending on how much input your groom wants to have. At the end we were both very satisfied! ❤