Wedding Dress Ensemble

When you are deciding on the attire for your big day there are a lot of aspects that come into consideration. The Wedding Dress, Veil, head pieces, shoes, undergarments, jewelry and the list goes on and on. These decisions are important, because after all you will only get to make this choice one (hopefully).

1. Mermaid/Trumpet Wedding Dresses
This looks best on hour glass figures or rectangular figures, this will accentuate curvy figures and is meant more for the fit, yet curvy female.
2. A-Line Wedding Dresses
This will flatter most shapes and it helps to balance out top heavy shapes with a little bit of a tummy. Bride-to-be’s with an Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Pear or House Glass will all benefit from this flattering style.
3. Empire Wedding Dresses
This dress has a high waistline and the seam is usually right beneath the bust depending on the size of the wearers bust and falls gracefully to the floor. This style also flatters the Inverted Triangle, Apple, Pear, and Hour Glass body shapes and is great for small brides with a small bust size and pregnant brides for the comfort factor.
4. Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses
This dress usually “hugs” onto the wearer’s body and works best for slimmer brides, confidence is key with the bridal style. The Rectangle body shapes will be complimented the most by these dresses but a slim hour glass shape can look good as well.
5. Ball Gown Wedding Dresses
This is the Cinderella or Fairytale style that usually has some type of fitted bodice, flare from the hips and lots of poof! This dress is perfect for Pear shapes, but also looks good on the Hour Glass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Apple figures.
5ball gown
6. Veils
There are so many different types of veils out there it can become overwhelming. There are Blushers, Short, Mid-Length, Cathedral, Communion and the list goes on and on! Make sure you do not buy the veil before you buy the wedding dress though because you want a good fit! Get your veil to match your wedding dress, not the other way around!
6 veils
7. Tiaras
So you want to be a princess on your special day, well who doesn’t? Tiaras are a very popular choice and alternative to the tradition wedding veil style. They can range in price from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on the materials used such as rhinestones, crystals, pearls, metal, crystal accents, beads, design, and more.
8. Pins, Combs, Flowers
Personally I love the look of a wedding hair with a comb in it; it add such a touch of grace and elegance to any hair style, not to mention it can be used with or without a wedding veil. Up-dos with a flower on one side have also become incredibly popular. These ideas can use crystals, pearls, organza flowers, metallic leaves, sequin petals, pearl sprays, feathers, lace, various embellishments, rhinestones, and more.
9. Headbands
A lot of women are moving away from the traditional wedding veils and want something “more them”, so if a big poofy veil is not your thing, don’t do it! There are so many different styles of wedding bands to add some razzle dazzle to your wedding hair in various styles using garland, fabric flowers, pearls, crystals, feathers, metal, rhinestones, ribbon, and more.
9 headbands
10. Jewelry
Depending on the type of dress you have the wedding jewelry you buy will vary. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair jewelry can feature crystals, pearls, flower designs, rhinestones, diamonds, and more. Do you want chandelier earrings, dangle, hoops or just studs? Do you want a chocker, elaborate cascading necklace, pearl strands, v-shapes, or crystal drop necklaces? There are so many options so make sure to try on your jewelry with your dress so it all flows well together!
11. Garter
You can’t have a wedding without the garter, but with so many choices it can be really difficult just picking one! You can use your wedding colors, add trinkets to match themes like shells, feathers, glass slippers, military, there can be sequins, ruffles, bows, charms and various prints.
11 garter
12. Wedding Day Lingerie
You have to wear something under your wedding dress… or at least you should. So a cute new lace bra or panties, maybe a corset for under the wedding dress or you can always change when you get to your Honeymoon destination. I personally think having your husband slip you out of your wedding dress the first night is all you need! 😉
13. Shoes
Okay so here it goes, you can wear platforms, pumps, sandals, flip flips, wedges, Mary Jane’s, sling backs, ballerina flats, cowboy boots, converse, and more. The shoes can be sparkly, basic, colorful, have rhinestones, flowers, and various designs all over them. The point is to make sure of 3 things: 1. You can walk & dance in them! 2. You don’t go over your budget 3. They are fabulous!


Here Comes the Bride

Here comes the Bride, all dressed in white… or ivory, off white, cream or maybe even some bold color like red. Wedding dresses sure have changed over the decades, just like anything else, time changes all. Finding the perfect dress can either be incredibly easy or incredibly stressful, so which one do you think I went through? Yup, you guessed it… stressful. I set up my appointment at Davids Bridal and the consultant I was given kept giving me sizes that were too small or too big, never my actual size no matter how many times I told her! Then I would say I don’t think lace looks good on me, so naturally the next dress she tried to fit me in was ALL lace. Having a bridal consultant who doesn’t listen is incredibly irritating and ruins one of the happiest moments in wedding planning! Not to mention she also has two other brides she was helping along with me and there were several employees just standing around! So I left and made a new appointment for two months later. This time we arrived 15 minutes before the appointment and had to wait 45 minutes to even get a dressing room! Why do I have such terrible luck??? Finally after having to be a minor Bridezilla I got in and had a very helpful, nice and useful consultant. She found some beautiful dresses in my size and I fell in love with them all! However my choice ended up being the dress my mom wanted me to try on just for fun so she could see me in it! I won’t say what it looks like, because I suspect my fiance reads this ;), but trust me… it is everything I hoped it would be. ❤

13 Tips for Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cake, is there anything better? I mean seriously, when in your life will you ever have a more extravagant and delicious cake like your wedding cake? Chances are you won’t so there are a lot of options to consider. Traditional or Modern, Square or Round, Buttercream or Fondant, White or Chocolate? Planning and designing your wedding cake is one of the best parts about getting married because your fiancé will finally actually have an opinion rather than, “looks good”, “sure”, or “whatever you want sweetheart.” So here is a list of all of the items you need to consider when discussing your wedding cake, what items you should bring with you to your cake testing and ideas for alternative wedding cakes. ❤

1. Shape
Round is a more traditional approach while a square shape is the modern alternative. Petal or Scalloped shaped cakes add a little more character and are a bold style choice. If you’re looking for a creative spin to a modern square style then Hexagonal is the style for you. Perhaps the most unique cake style out there is the Topsy-turvy cake style, which gives a fun and funky look to your wedding.
pic 1
2. Flavor
Wedding cake flavors are pretty standard, so it’s all up to what you prefer. The most common flavors are White, Chocolate, Marble, Red Velvet, Strawberry, Lemon or Carrot Cake.
3. Icing & Frosting
Buttercream is perhaps one of the best and most popular frostings to use because of its versatility. It can be used to make a variety of decorations on the cake. This style is better for indoor receptions.

Fondant is a sugar paste that can be molded into any shape and tinted any color. However, it can have a slightly chewy taste so a layer of buttercream underneath it will help make the cake more enjoyable. Fondant holds up well in heat and is aesthetically pleasing.

Royal Icing, Marzipan, Spun Sugar & Pastillage are great for finishing touches and add fine details to cakes with balls, flowers, monograms and more.
4. Fillings
Whipped Cream is better used as a filling than as an icing or frosting because of its reaction to heat and humidity. This filling can be used with most types of cakes, but I prefer it with Red Velvet.

Mousse can be used for any cake depending on the type of mousse, for instance raspberry mouse is great with white cake and Oreo mousse is great with chocolate cake.

Buttercream can be made to be light and airy or heavy cream and compliment different styles of cake.
5. Size
Now I am not a professional baker, so I am not going to give you a list of pan sizes, serving sizes and tiers. So discuss this with your baker and make sure you have a big enough size with enough tiers to feed everyone at your wedding.
6. Flowers
Fresh, Silk or frosting made, the opportunities are endless. Some people like the look of flowers on their wedding cake, but maybe not fresh flowers, so silk are a good alternative. There are a lot of designs available on the internet, so go find some pictures and take them to your baker and florist.
7. Writing
Writing on your wedding cake is another huge trend and definitely steps your cake up a level. The most common words are, “And They Lived Happily Ever After”, “Live, Laugh, Love” and “Love”, plus various monograms.
8. Cake Toppers
There are so many options out there for cake topers now it can be overwhelming! Traditional bride and grooms, monograms, single letters, characters to match your theme, hearts, sports related, funny ones etc.
9. Macaron/Macaroon Cakes
This new trend is taking over the traditional wedding cake and why not? Macaroons come in all different colors and instantly brighten up and liven up any cake!
10. Cupcake Tower
Cupcake Tower wedding cakes are a huge fad right now and for good reason! They can be made to match your wedding colors, require no cake cutting and can be designed in a variety of ways.
11. Ice Cream or Gelato Bars.
These ideas are ones I never considered or even heard of until I went to my first bridal show and saw a line of 20 people waiting and knew it must be something good. Oh my gosh was it good! The idea is brilliant because you can have an assortment of flavors and toppings, so guests can actually choose what they want.
ice cream
12. Dessert Bar
Do you LOVE desserts, have too many favorites and can’t just stick with cake? Well then why not have mini samples of all your favorite treats? Bite-size cheesecakes, macarons/macaroons, dessert shots, cookies, cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, cake pops and the list goes on and on.
13. What to Bring
You’ll need pictures of what you want the cake to look like, bring sample color swatches if you want color on your cake, and pictures of flowers you may use.

Wedding Cake- So Much Yummy Goodness!

My fiancés favorite part of helping me plan the wedding has been the cake tasting, naturally. We went to our first place several months ago and I was disappointed right from the beginning. Maybe I am a little harsh, but first impressions are lasting for me and it is hard for me to get past them. Needless to say we are not using this company, but I will share my experience anyway. We walked into the building and there was a small desk with chairs and fake cake designs all around, and a huge wall that separated the kitchen with no one in sight. We were 5 minutes early for the appointment and all we heard was the radio blasting in the kitchen. We weren’t sure if we should walk back or just wait, but figured since we had an appointment and they knew we were coming that somebody would hopefully come back. Wrong! We were in there waiting for 15 minutes when finally a woman comes in through the back door, 10 minutes late for our appointment with huge startled eyes and screams, yes screams to the people in the kitchen, “someone’s here, turn it down!” She walks towards us apologizing that she was late because of a prior customer having a lot of questions (hello, inappropriate to bad mouth a future bride in front of another future bride)! Then she asks what we want to do and brings out a sample of basic cakes and basically asks for a down payment. Ha, so I shook her hand, said we would be in touch and left. I decided to not worry about the cake for a while and a few months later I went to another cake place and had a very different experience. One of my friends used this place for their wedding cake and another friend for her kid’s birthday cakes, so I knew they had delicious and beautifully designed cakes already. They are much more laid back in their appointments and anyone that works there can help you design your fantasy cake because they are all bakers! We tried some of the most delicious cakes and fillings imaginable and after practically licking the plate clean, signed the paper work and left! We don’t even need to put a down payment down until a week before the wedding and for what I want the price was fantastic! We are getting a three layered, square style cake, with words written on one side, damask/swirly designs on the other sides, and delivered for less than $400!! Oh and did I mention each layer is a different flavor and filling! The top layer is going to be Red Velvet Cake with Whipped Cream Filling, the middle layer is White Cake with Raspberry Mousse Filling, and the bottom layer is Chocolate Cake with Oreo Mousse Filling! It is going to be orgasmically delicious! Below is a picture of my cake, except it will be in all white instead of cream colored and the lettering and design will be in black.

13 Ways to Reduce RSVP Stress

In my previous entry, RSVP’s = Death, I told you all about how many problems I am having and how this is normal and most brides go through this stress. Now, I will tell you how to make the RSVP process as stress free as possible. Notice how I said AS POSSIBLE, this is because not matter how many precautions you take, there will always be something that happens to screw it up. However, these tips are to try and help eliminate as many of those stressors as possible for you.

1. Create a Wedding Spreadsheet

Do this when you are doing your invitations so you can keep track once the RSVP responses start trickling in. Put the Guests Name, Response (yes/no),  # of guests attending and meal preference (if applicable).

2. Number the RSVP cards

Put a number in the corner of each RSVP and then put the number on your spreadsheet corresponding with each guest name. You can also use an invisible ink pen if you would prefer guests not seeing the number.

3. Always have a few invitations for backups

Have a reserves list for people you will invite when some guests decline and have the invitations ready to go. Typically, 25 to 30 percent of guests will decline because of prior engagements. So, make sure you are prepared to fill in your budget, but don’t go overboard.

4. Give a specific date for guests to respond by

Some venues want a final head count 30 to 45 days in advance. So make sure you have the RSVP Response Date early enough to give the venue and appropriate vendors enough time.

5. Include proper postage

People are more inclined to send RSVP’s back if they already have a stamp and a pre-addressed return label on the envelopes. Otherwise they have to remember to buy a stamp, write out your address and send it in. I know it sounds like so much work… better to be safe than sorry. Also, make sure you have enough postage on your invitations! There is nothing worse than getting them all back and having to redo everything. So, go to the post office, weigh out an invitation and send them!

6. Add an extra line to your RSVP

It is hard enough trying to get your guests to send in your RSVP cards let alone get them to put their names on it. But trust me; add a line under the Accepts with Pleasure part, “_____ Number of guests attending.” This one line will help give you so much more of an accurate count of total guests attending.

7. Friendly email reminders

Notice how I said FRIENDLY? Now I better than anyone understand that when you spend as much money as you’re spending on a wedding, the slightest thing can royally upset you or downright piss you off. RSVP’s are the surest way to turn a stressed out bride-to-be into a Bridezilla. With that being said, try to breathe and send out friendly reminders to your friends and family that you will need their RSVP’s back to have an accurate count of how many people are planning to attend to make sure the caters will have enough food to feed everyone. One mention of food (free food) and see how many RSVP’s you get the next day.

8. Unwanted guests

People, especially family can be so presumptuous. However, we have to love them right? Well, okay maybe sometimes we don’t have to. Anyway, when you send an RSVP to a family of 4 and you get back a RSVP with 5 guests, it is completely, 100% in your right to call and find out who the extra person is. This is your wedding and you have every right to decide on the guest list. So, if you do not like that your cousin decided to bring her newest fling, then guess what? Tell her sorry, but there just isn’t enough room. If she has a problem with it, then I guess you have one more meal for your hungry fiancé.

9. Send out Save the Date Cards

Trust me, this goes along with RSVP cards and eliminating stress. If you send out Save the Dates, then you can drastically reduce the number of guests who Decline with Regret. I know they can seem like a waste of money, but take it from someone who regrets not using them! We will be missing two very important people from my fiancés side because they are leaving a few days before our wedding to go to another country. If we would have just sent them out and spent the extra cash, we would have them there at the wedding with us.

10. Perfect timing

Make sure you send your RSVP’s out within 2 to 3 months before the wedding. This allows people enough time to send them in and make sure they do not plan anything around your big day.

11. Don’t take it personal

If you aren’t receiving any RSVP’s try to remember not to take it personally. A lot of time people just assume you know they are coming or sending an RSVP is a formality and they do not think you want them back. Try to be as understanding as you can, to a point.

12. NAG, NAG, NAG… and NAG some more!

Now, I said don’t take it personal, to a point… but, weddings are pricey, the food is pricey, the chairs, tables and table settings are pricey. If you are paying for your own wedding, or even your family is paying for your wedding then you have the god given right to nag the hell out of every inconsiderate possible guest. It is not difficult, either you are able to come or you are not. So keep bugging your guests until you get a straight answer, even if that means you have a few less guests. Let’s face it, if someone can’t decide if they can make it to your wedding or not, then chances are you don’t want them there anyway and they are not as important as you both once thought.

13. Remember: It is your wedding!

After all is said and done, you can only try so hard! By the end of this wedding you will probably start to notice that most of your family is completely inconsiderate and you want to bite their heads off. So this is my final tip, if you have tried several times to get a response from that one (or two, or five) guest who just simply cannot find the time to send in the RSVP or give an oral response…. Well then guess what? They have nowhere to sit and get no food. It is as simple as that, it’s their fault they were so inconsiderate and there is nothing you can do about it. So, let it go, move on and tough luck for them. ❤

RSVP’s = Death

Wedding RSVP’s will be the death of me. With that being said, let me start from the beginning. Before we even started getting the guest list and invitations together, we knew we were going to have some problems getting people to return their RSVP’s… more specifically, his family. My fiancés family does not do RSVP’s, they just show up or expect people to realize that they are going. However, when you need exact numbers to give to a reception hall, it really isn’t fun dealing with these types of mindsets. Reluctantly, I tried to ignore it and we made our guest list, determined how many RSVP’s we would need and sent them out along with the invitations. Within the first week we had two back, which I was thrilled about! Naturally, they were both from my side of the guest list and then over the next three weeks we received nothing, absolutely nothing. I started doing some research and found out a lot of people have problems with RSVP’s, who knew? This is my mindset, if someone sends a RSVP, they clearly want you to respond and send it in promptly, not months later or never. I even went as far to put a stamp and a return address label on mine to make them as simple as possible, however, that obviously didn’t do the trick. The most common reason I found for why it takes so long to get responses back was because people think they are supposed to send them in on the date that it says, “Respond by 00/00/0000”. Which obviously only requires someone to read it and do a little thinking until they come to the conclusion that no, that means it should arrive to the people by that date, not after. Anyway, my fiancé and I decided to send out little friendly email reminders to friends and family about sending them in early and the day after we got two more responses, then the next day we go two more! So things are looking up and hopefully the RSVP’s will continue to come in sooner rather than later. Especially since they are all due in less than 3 weeks and currently we only have 22 people coming to our wedding. So, if you are your loved one are having these issues than trust me you are not alone and this is one of the biggest stressors you’ll have to deal with!  Just take a few deep breaths and if it makes you feel better send out little reminders, or casually bring it up in conversation when you are asked about the wedding. Most of the time people just forget that they are supposed to return them, so try not to get too upset or take it too personally.

Tip: Number your RSVP’s or put initials on them, because one of the biggest complaints I found from other brides was people turning in their RSVP’s without names! OMG how horrible and stressful that must be! Hello, there is a M__________________ for a reason!

13 Ways to Beat Stress While Planning Your Wedding

Stressed to the max? Feeling overwhelmed? Anxiously awaiting your BIG day? This is normal, I repeat, this is normal! The reception, the cake, the dress, the flowers, the DJ, the photographer… the list goes on and on. When you have that many things going on in your life, as well as regular day to day activities, it can get overwhelming. Personally in the next 100 days I am graduating from college, selling my house, getting married, going on my honeymoon and moving across the country. Trust me, I know all about stress; one thing piling on top of another, when one stressor goes away another one pops up. So how do I handle all of this? Trust me, it’s not easy and I have to make a conscious effort every single day. But, I manage and so can you, so here is a list of ways to help de-stress you while planning your perfect wedding.

1. Romantic Dinner Out for Two

Now trust me, I know money can be tight but every once in a while it is okay to splurge. Plus you and your fiancé need a night where the conversation isn’t about what colors to use, what flavor cake or who is sitting where at the reception.

2. Romantic Dinner In for Two

Make one big bowl of spaghetti, loaded with meatballs and a loaf of garlic bread and use two forks. Cooking with the one you love is good for the soul, eating out of the same bowl is good for the heart and kid inside of you.

3. Girl Time

Every female NEEDS their girl time. Yes, I love my fiancé and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. However, I need gossip and chit chat and to obsess over my wedding with a fresh pair of ears. So make some time and have a date with your closest girlfriends.

4. Dream & Plan Your Honeymoon

I LOVE imagining lying on the beach, watching the waves crash into the sand with the love of my life by my side. Dreaming about all of the amazing memories I am about to create definitely helps calm me down.

5. Movie Night(s)

Pick any movie from my list and watch them with your fiancé. Wedding movies can give you ideas, calm your nerves and melt your heart.

6. Sex

Enough Said. 😉

7. Pinterest

This website has literally given me tons of ideas, suggestions and help planning my BIG day. There are so many DIY projects too, which are so helpful for budget friendly wedding or extravagant wedding alike.

8. Weekly Pedicures

DO NOT go to a Nail Salon and get them done, do it yourself. Allowing your mind time to rest by focusing on cleaning and manicuring your pretty little feet really does make all the difference. Trust me and try it.

9. Couples Massage

Take some time, grab those massage oils, dim the lights and put on some slow jams and take turns massaging each other.

10. Take a Bubble Bath

Turn on the hot water, add some bubbles (or a lot of bubbles), light some candles and put on some slow jams and relax. Alone or with your fiancé. 😉

11. Read a Good Book

Immerse yourself into another world and forget about your troubles (for now) If books aren’t your “thing” then grab a magazine and enjoy.

12. Late Night Talks

Lie down; grab your fiancés hand and just talk. Talk about whatever you want,  your hopes, goals, dreams, or even the wedding if you want. Holding hands with the one you love is said to reduce stress, so go for it.

13. Create a Wedding Blog

Sneaky aren’t I? Create a Wedding Blog to help be a release of your feelings and to keep as a record of your feelings down the road.